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Serving All of W.N.C

New construction, Remodels & Service

We offer and install Quality EATON/Generac generators. We chose this brand because they have outstanding customer service and parts are readily available.

Why choose us for your Generator needs? Because we handle all aspects of the process from permitting to gas piping and installation and all you have to do is sit back and relax and know you are covered in a Weather Emergency.

In the consultation we will go over your power needs in an Emergency situation and come up with the properly sized generator. Some people tend to oversize the generators and that just adds extra expense to the generator installation.

We also offer a annual service agreement. In this service agreement you wont need to call us we will call you. One week before service is due we will give you a call to remind you it is time to perform the service on the generator and set a date and time. We want you to feel worry free about unpredictable Storms.

All Estimates are Free of charge